At E-Learning Center we are committed to develop and promote the integration of new ‎technologies in teaching and learning. We are very pleased to announce the “Excellence in E-‎Learning Award” which will be awarded to the best three online courses.‎

Excellence in E-Learning Award is an annual award that aims at advancing the educational process ‎and stimulating creativity and innovation in the field of modern technologies, particularly the ‎educational course management system (Moodle). In addition, the Award aims at achieving quality ‎standards in e-courses that are designed by faculty members.‎

Objectives of the Award:‎

  • Motivating faculty members to integrate the appropriate techniques in teaching and learning.‎
  • Achieving quality standards in the designed e-courses.‎
  • Designing high quality educational resources that can be applied in teaching.‎
  • Enhancing the creative aspect using e-learning.‎
  • Promoting the process of development and using open learning resources.‎
  • Promoting positive competition amongst faculty members.‎

Terms and Conditions:‎

  • Interested applicants should meet the following terms and conditions:‎
  • Be a full-time staff member at An-Najah National University
  • The course should be in the B.A/B.Sc or M.A/M.Sc program.‎
  • The faculty member should provide all required documents mentioned below.‎
  • Applicants should not have participated and won in the previous sessions of the award.‎
  • Any applications that are incomplete will be excluded without further notice.‎

Required Documents:‎

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).‎
  • Recommendation Letter from the applicant’s direct supervisor.‎
  • Testimonies of three students about their experience in the nominated course.‎
  • Introduction about the nominated course (minimum 300 words).‎
  • A cover letter including the personal experience of the applicant explaining why he is ‎considered a distinguished faculty member in the field of e-learning (maximum 1000 words).‎
  • A report including statistics about numbers of activities used in the course and students ‎participation (eLearning center can be consulted for the necessary information).‎
  • Links to other websites belongs to the faculty member that he use in addition to the ‎nominated course.‎


The E-Learning Center welcomes participations and the nominated courses will be evaluated in ‎terms of adherence to the terms and conditions of the award. A specialized committee composed ‎of experts in the field of e-learning will take the responsibility of evaluating and assessing the ‎nominated courses, by analyzing the evidences and documents provided by the applicants.‎
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Please note that the application deadline is 10th Apr, 2017.‎
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