Accelerating the digital transition of higher education in the Middle East

Flipped Classroom Strategy


The AUF will implement a project in 3 countries (Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine), aiming at contributing to the sustainable transition of the beneficiary universities towards the pedagogical use of digital technology on rational, effective and proven bases, The project is funded by the French MEAE, and An-Najah National University is a representative of the project in Palestine.

The aim of the project is to contribute to the transition of the beneficiary universities towards the pedagogical use of digital technology, on rational, efficient and proven bases. This transition also aims to impact the quality of training, the employability of students and the international opening of these universities.

The project proposes to support the beneficiary universities to offer blended courses and modernize their teaching methods through digital technology in order to:

  • Position them at international standards of higher education in terms of the use of digital technology in teaching practices.
  • strengthen their resilience and their ability to absorb external shocks
  • Strengthen and improve learning processes
  • respond to the challenges of the massification of higher education.


The project responds to an essential and strategic need formulated by the universities to help them transform part of their courses into distance learning and enable them to ensure pedagogical continuity in the face of the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and the unstable situation in the region. It also aims to amplify the use of digital technology to help teachers acquire new pedagogical and technological skills, providing them with new opportunities for development and international exposure.

The regional aspect of the project will allow the creation of cooperation links between the partner universities, will contribute to the emergence of projects integrating ICTE, will promote innovation, experimentation and the sharing of experiences and good practices in the field of digital education.


The main components of this 2-year project are the following:

Training by the AUF of 90 (for the whole project) digital referent experts from the beneficiary universities of the project, who will be called to accompany their universities to offer blended courses and to train the teaching staff (groups of referents are formed, with a more advanced training for some of them and a specific training to the French-speaking digital resources and tools). These trainings of trainers will focus on the scripting of an online course, distance tutoring, digital learning environments, flipped classroom pedagogy and Web 2.0 tools.

Organization of a series of trainings of trainers to introduce the flipped classroom model within the university as an optimal way to offer blended courses to deepen the pedagogical support and improve the efficiency of the teaching. These trainings will be led by digital referents trained with the support of AUF to accompany the referents in the deployment process of the flipped classroom model.

Training of 20 techno-pedagogues (by the University of Rennes 1) in charge of setting up the deployment of a DU in e-learning in some participating institutions. The training takes place online over 6 months with moments of face-to-face meetings.

- Support for the implementation of a Learning Management System (LMS) platform in each partner university to host online courses. Universities that already have an LMS will be able to formulate other needs according to the allocated budget

- Training by the AUF of IT managers in the administration and management of an LMS;

Setting up by the AUF of a regional bank of pedagogical scenarios using ICT and adapted to the Middle East region. The pedagogical scenarios will be fed throughout the project. Each trained teacher will be asked to share at least one hybrid scenario using ICT on the platform.

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